Travelling Pattern

Dear All
Due to my stitching mojo getting up and leaving for some time I have lost where we are with the Travelling Pattern.
Can someone enlighten me and I will try to keep up from now on.
I am so sorry I have been absent, but hope to get back into my stitching and my blog now that my mojo is slowly creeping out of hibernation.
Many thanks
Sarahmoo xx


Anonymous said...
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Nancy said...

Hi, Last I knew that it was to come to me but I contacted you and asked if it could go to the person after me as I have a hand injury and can't stitch right now. And you were going to add me to the end. Which means at that time it would have been heading to Judith in Germany. But I am not sure if it actually went there or not. Kim may know for sure.

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Welcome back to blogging! Hope you get your stitchy mojo back soon; maybe a new small project will help to lure it back home ;)

Sarah said...

Great Thanks Nancy x

Sarah said...

I have picked up one of my WIP's Aurelia and am stitching a little now.

♥ Nia said...

I hope your mojo is back and won't leave again!! :)
I'm still waiting for the travelling pattern, it hasn't reach me yet :p

Kim said...

I sent it to Judith -- I emailed you Sarah when I sent it to her. Judith received it a couple weeks ago. She has no blog, so you might want to check your email for updates, I know she stated she had something else she wanted to finish up. Here is my stitching of the Traveling chart -- http://www.upnorthxstitching.blogspot.com/2013/03/getting-old-lizziekate-finish.html

Musicwoman said...

I posted the Travelling patterns to
Vicky / USA .
I hope that she will soon receive it.
I have stitched the patterns but I am not sure at the moment how to finsh it. I will send a pfoto of my finshing to Sarah if I have done it.
to all of you

Sarah said...

Not sure where this is now?